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I had an R5 GT Turbo when I was at uni (spoilt brat!) but the immobiliser went squiffy so the engine carried on running after you took the keys out of the ignition. I was telling my passenger about this and decided to demonstrate this by taking the keys out of the ignition and waving them around as I entered a roundabout, completely forgetting about the ignition lock...

Thankfully I managed to stop before mounting the pavement and didn't get wiped out by anyone else on the roundabout but it really was a very stupid thing to do!

Updated November 9, 2012 at 2:47 PM


Don't play with a girl's heart, it's easily broken and she only has one. Play with her boobs instead, they're bouncy and she has two of those.

Well, there was this time..... < remembers that Alex Insurance is on here > that nothing happened. Ever. :?

I'm here for pleasure (if you can call it that) so your driving exploits do not bother me Mik 8)

Took a humpback bridge too fast, jumped over a car in front of me, couldn't slow it down quick enough for the roundabout ahead, so went in sideways with full lock tyre smoke pouring out ken block style and then went back home.


How about not having a sig at all?

Hitting the rev limiter in 5th gear changing in to 6th gear and keeping it flat out trying to keep a 5 series behind me..... that turned out to have blue lights behind its front grill and sun visors!! Hit a roundaboaut, well I made it round, the unmarked car made it over part of the roundabout bounced around slew back on to the roundabout narrowly missing another vehicle. They pulled me over and I was given a warning!! The cheek of it!!

Bandido. No. Just, no.

speedingfine said...

Bandido. No. Just, no.


I had only been driving a few months and wondered if i could drive with my right foot on the clutch, and left on the other two.

Turns out this is a bit hard, and going round a corner i almost crashed into a brand new (only just launched) BMW Mini. Whoopsie.

No harm done though


Beany said...

Oh dear lord can I marry you? <3

I was parking, just getting close to a wall, "accelerating" with the clutch, I sneezed, and my left leg moved up a bit, just enough for the car to accelerate a bit more, and I hitted the wall that had lots of sharp concret bits, marking the front bumper and cracking the acrylic plate.

Another time I was in a traffic jam, and I just thought, this seat isn't in the right position, let me adjust it while I'm stopped. Just as I thought that, the traffic started to move, and I put in the first gear, but my stupid brain still was able to order me, at the same time, to pull the metal bar thing under the seat and it went all the way back, with me unable to press the clutch to the bottom. I just pulled the handbrake and released the clutch for it to stall. It was one of that stupid moments that you'll wonder why you just did something so illogical.

(Didn't read the text in the brackets. But if it isn't obvious I didn't get away with it in the first story)

Updated November 9, 2012 at 4:06 PM

When I had the stealth elise I got busted once on my way home on a sunday night.

I was cruising along a section of 50mph roadworks on the M5 when a 3 series compact came past with 4 young lads in it, they were only doing a couple of mph more than me and they were gawping at the elise like many did.

They cruised off and I thought nothing else of it until I got to the traffic lights at the end of the slip road at junction 4. They were in the inside lane with no other cars about, so I pulled up along side and decided to treat them to a dazzling display of speed and noise. When the lights flickered amber I set off at top speed towards home on a NSL road. In a very short amount of time I had lost them in my mirrors and was approaching top speed in 5th gear ~140.

I backed right off and started to cruise just as I saw their headlights appear over the brow of the hill a long way back in my rear view mirror.

Then I saw another set of headlights overtaking them and instantly realised what was happening.

I stopped the car and pulled over and was standing next to it when the unmarked car pulled up behind me. 'I don't need to ask you why you think i've pulled you over do I?' he asked.

I made up a bit of a story about being harrassed by the kids in the BMW, he checked the car was legal, advised me to go on a track day and went on his way.

The 4 kids in the BM came past at low speed while I was getting a talking to :D

I have to say that all of my experiences with traffic cops have been positive.


Went out on a very, very, very very wet Nordschleife.
For my first ever lap.
In a car that wasn't mine.
That I hadn't driven before.
That had cold intermediates (or something like that) on.

At 180 degrees I told the passenger - the car's owner - to 'shut up, it's being dealt with'.

At 360 degrees I cursed myself for being in the wrong gear for the next corner, which I was lined up nicely for.

At the end of the lap I got out; I haven't got back in the driver's seat for another lap yet. I know when I'm lucky :D

Also ***km/h across most of Denmark because it was boring.

Mito Man said...

Took a humpback bridge too fast, jumped over a car in front of me, couldn't slow it down quick enough for the roundabout ahead, so went in sideways with full lock tyre smoke pouring out ken block style and then went back home.



1st and 3rd places FECPOTY Shed of the Year 2016

One of mine was taking my Dad out in my "death trap" (his words) Mini with 1430 engine, MG Metro head, 1 3/4" SU etc. With all the money spent on the engine, I'd kept the standard drum brakes.

So, to prove my Dad wrong, I volunteered to take him to the pub to meet up with his cronies. On the way, whilst doing about 60mph on a local single carriageway A-road, the car decided at the last minute he needed to turn right and slammed on. I slammed on and stopped fine. I then set off again, over a humped (but not hump backed) bridge which had a set of red lights at the other side of it. I braked and the pedal just sank to the floor. As I got closer to the junction, I realised it wasn't going to stop, so I dropped into 2nd, had a quick look and floored it through the lights (the faster you're going, the harder you are to hit!).

I got away with it, but he'd never go in that car again.



1st and 3rd places FECPOTY Shed of the Year 2016

Both done in the same car - company Pug 307 estate with the 136 bhp diesel.

1st was flooring on the way back from a client. Empty motorway and I kept my foot in until I hit traffic. Came close to 120 - not very exciting really.

2nd was with my mate in the car. A client's office was down a small private road and on the side was a big muddy area. In a moment of stupid "watch thisness" I veered into the mud floored it and expected to exit in a spray of mud. Instead we got stuck... Cue 15 minutes of back and forth (ahem) in first/reverse with the throttle floored and by a miracle managed to get the car out of the muck. It looked a complete mess and it took us the best part of two hours to clean it all off.


Driving a Galaxy far, far away

As a newly qualified drive, yanking on the handbrake in my Fiesta 1.1 "to see what would happen". At 60.

New trousers please.

Driving the same into a flooded Ford for the same reason and *only just* getting it out again.

Also smacking my Boxster S into the barrier at Spa was not my finest hour.

I won't mention the Elise... :lol:

Indicated 190 up the A11 possibly a bit dubious too.



Skoda Octavia vRS. Ducati 748 Biposto. BMW R1200RT SE. SERV Norfolk Rider. RoSPA Tutor.

Handbrake turn round a traffic island in the snow in 2011, spinning my old 106 and not collecting anything on the way, maxing out the 106 and the Civic and getting away with it, racing around the Great Orme (same section they used for the WRC in 2011) in the 106 and Civic against friends. The Great Orme is effectively a Welsh Touge which is wonderful, although the margin for error is non-existant. You won't run into a sheep or a field like on the evo triangle, you'll either be in a cliff-face or worse. Through the stone wall and into the drink about 100 foot below. :shock:


Stolen Orions on fire off the hard shoulder of the M8. I watched neds litter in the dark near the Tennents shop. All those... moments... will be lost in time, like [coughs] tears... in... rain. Time... to die...

Years ago driving to Cornwall ovenight along the A30 dual carriageway in my 2.8i Capri. The road was deserted as it was about 3am and I was cruising at 110ish. I'd noticed a car about half a mile or more behind me but they weren't gaining so I wasn't too worried. This went on for probably twenty miles before I had to stop for traffic at a roundabout which allowed the following car to catch up and pull alongside. I casually glanced across to see a fully marked up police xr4i :shock::shock::shock:

The driver didn't even look across and drove off as I was frantically thinking of excuses to explain my driving.

Mito Man said...

Took a humpback bridge too fast, jumped over a car in front of me, couldn't slow it down quick enough for the roundabout ahead, so went in sideways with full lock tyre smoke pouring out ken block style and then went back home.

I did a barrel roll in the Transit today & when I landed, all the bolts & screws landed back in their correct boxes all facing the same way up! True dat.




Couple of years ago in the summer, I was chasing a red 2.0 MX-5 along a country road back home, we were both going for it. We came up to 2 cars and we both went for the overtake. As there was a blind hill coming up the MX-5 driver did the sensible thing and braked and slotted the car between the 2 we were overtaking. Like a fool, I overtook the whole lot. A car was coming the other way but I got in. It was stupid and a few seconds either way would have been disaster. I shudder every time I think about it, and I've never driven like it since. Now if I'm pushing on it's always when the roads are very quiet. It taught me a huge lesson.

Similar to Alex. I was out on a run with a few 16v and Williams owners. We'd been on quite a good run with no silly driving. Then someone went for an overtake and I decided to follow suit. After about 6-7 cars I began to wonder whether I'd make it past the last one before oncoming traffic. At the point of caving in I looked in my rear view to see a Williams right up behind me so figured I had no option but to keep my foot in so we could both make it through. :shock:

It was far too close and that served as a bit of a lesson.

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