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I thought it would end with the election result but alas it has only strengthened.

Apparently $800 million is a very well spent amount of money to "put a dent in Obamas pride", caused by the reduction of votes Obama received this time round. Apparently the only re-elected president to have less votes than when his electedin for the first term.

Honestly, I don't think Obama or his administration give a flying rats fvck about having less votes than the previous time, they only get two terms and a shortage of votes won't be stopping him from sleeping at night.

The other argument is that the stock market closed 300 points down and Mitt would have been better for the economy. Fine, maybe for businesses but the middle man would still have to shell out for supporting Mitts inevitable war with Iran and of course the UK would feel obliged to join in with that one, not like we are still paying for the past two wars America decided to start :roll:

Do people not see the bigger picture or are they merely driven by the events of the stock exchange on a 24 hour period which is at the best of times, totally illogical anyway.

American politics seem to be very last-24-hours issue driven - it is a worrying trend that appears to be spreading.

Of the two options Obama would be my choice every time, but I can't say I am that excited by either.

Apart from flying the Republican/right-wing banner I doubt Mitt would be able to achieve a much different outcome to Obama.

And it still leaves the majority of the nation screwed. Glad I never lived there.


Now fueled by heavy oil...

800 Million is nothing in the scheme of things.. :shock:

_Mick_N said...

800 Million is nothing in the scheme of things.. :shock:

great site

love this picture, showing the debt pilled up in $100 bills


'Je suis Clarkson' !!!


Sorry for childishness



_Mick_N said...

800 Million is nothing in the scheme of things.. :shock:

Yep, those Republicans are great at spending money, then the Democrats get elected, get debt on a downward trajectory, then the Repubs fvck it all up again - then bleat about being the fiscally responsible party :roll:

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