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So, as of today you can officially pre-order GTA5. I've ordered mine from AMAZON, their preorder price match policy suits me, in that if the price drops before now and release date, i pay the lowest price.

I'm really looking forward to this one, after the (slightly) disappointing GTA4, i think this one looks like a return to form for GTA, back to the more fun GTA San Andreas/Vice City.

There's more screen shots too. These look like 5 new areas for the game to take place in?

The art work is promising, it's a throwback to the good old days of GTA 3, VC and San Andreas 8)

It better be good, I can't have my heart broken like that previous excuse of a gta game did!
Plus big countryside areas must mean airplanes are coming back right?


How about not having a sig at all?

planes, and underwater diving!

Three playable charactors?

Bigger then GTA:VC, GTA4 and Red Dead combined

Jimmy Choo said...

Three playable charactors?

I heard about this. One theory is that you play the same story three times from three perspectives/characters. Interweaving plots like some kinda Guy Richie film. Could work well.

I don't necessarily want a huge/overwhelming map, just one that's nicely detailed regardless of size.

Infos, mofos

3 playable characters, which you switch between as you like throughout the game, and a map 5 times bigger than Red Dead Redemption, plus loads more screen shot.

It's looking awesome.

RichardMajor86 said...

It's looking awesome.

This. I might even buy it! (I've only bought 1 or 2 games since getting my PS3)



Second trailer now up 8)




Shame it's not going to be launched for the next gen, I can't see the X360/PS3 being able to power those graphics.

Yeah, I'm guessing that demo comes straight off a high end PC & the Xbox version will have a bit more 'grain' to it.

Still, at least it's not a dark shithole like GTA IV was.




The only good GTA was Vice City.
There. I've said it.

I pre-ordered it last night on the basis of the new trailer :lol:. Looks awesome.


I often drive for a road travel

All of that is PC - I am with Exiges, not sure the current generation will be able to offer that level of fidelity. (Look at BF3 et al)

I'll get it (I worked on GTA4) but I must be honest, the free roaming 3rd person stuff has got a bit stale for me and it is a packed marketplace.

For the record Vice City and the old top down London in the 60's GTA's are the best. :twisted:


Bunta's Tofu

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