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I see a severe wagon falling off of in my future.

Any other Evo'ers for some robot destruction?

Yep, I do love a bit of TF2 and this is shaping up to be a brilliant addition to the game! 8)


Bunta's Tofu

Hmmmmmm tried 10min this morning. Colour me unimpressed on first acquaintance. Whole paid official servers thing is a little on the nose too.

I cant even get on :(

CSGO is not loading for me either. Fair enough, I am an evil ma user but I really want to get stuck in!


Bunta's Tofu

Using the MvM "find a game" is useless much better using the normal server browser.

I had horrific fps before winding all my gfx settings to low or off.

Played for an hour. Still undecided whether I like it. Or whether I should be doing something useful with my life.

My steam name is Cursed btw.

OK, getting into it now.

That default find a game option is still totally frigging broken. Normal server browser gets me a game in 5 or so tries.

The really interesting thing is seeing how crazy you can upgrade the weapons too.

I actually found my Soldier secondary the M-Bison upgraded was more effective than the rocket launcher. Crit Canteen boosted (which is awesome not having to rely on a kritz medic) it can rip off a dozen shots with full penetration, quad damage and +100 health rebound in about 4s, monsterous :D

Oooooh new combo just occured to me, a fully tank Pyro, increased health + regen + ubers + kritz = Melee pycho.

Must. Resist. Playing......

Whole paid official servers thing is a little on the nose too.

I cant get into a game on my slow connection :(

I also cannot add funds to my Steam account for some reason...

Still - from what I have seen it is awesome fun.

My account is: Integrale (Brucie)

I'm not on that much during UK hours mind.


Bunta's Tofu

Are you able to see the normal TF2 server browser? Add "mvm" to the filter tags and try joining any game with four or less people, that's working well for me.

Engy with upgraded SG is freaking insanely OP :D One game I think I killed most of the bots myself, the team helped a little with the Tank ;) my score was something like 280 kills 8 deaths (and the deaths were just carelessness on my part forgetting to use an uber canteen when in danger)

Ahh looks like the latest update has borked a lot of servers :evil:

Great trick that, cheers Rob!

Had a few great games last night but it is very hard if your team mates are not helping/understanding.

I myself am a total noob - it appears to me that the robots go crazy when on fire so it is not always best to Piro them?

I need to try the Spy out (my fav class) and see how he plays.

Will try some more in the wee hours tonight. :)


Bunta's Tofu

I think I put 8 hours into this yesterday. :oops:

It's bloody good fun and then some.


Bunta's Tofu

Ahhh I'll probably have to wait until the weekend to play some more. Have yet to work out how to play spy well. The sapper doesn't do anything to the tank as far as I can tell.

Engy still seems way OP.

The Sapper does nothing to the Tank - stabbing it helps if you have your blade buffed up. You can pretty much own any giant robot using a crit or urber charge canteen.

Demo man and fast reloading ammo and damage can be burtal if an engineer puts a dispenser near by.


Bunta's Tofu

I was in a 6 Eng team last night. :?

It was mental but the spy bots destroyed us in the penultimate round!


Bunta's Tofu

LOL 6xengy does seem a touch unbalanced!

I've enjoyed playing a tanked up Pyro and a Kritz medic lately.

I normally suck at Sniper but had a lot of fun in mvm.
Assassinating giants across the map is great. A fully blinged Mechina does something like 1300 damage for a headshot :-)

Still nfi how to be a useful spy.

Ah the Spy, I do love to play as one in MvM.

Full Sapper, full stab and fastest attack speed. You need to time your runs but they are vital for medics and urber bots.


Bunta's Tofu

Also - I have a spare bot head mini gun to trade? Anyone fancy it?


Bunta's Tofu

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