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Has anyone started one of these? Think someone mentioned it in another thread... would be nice to have photos of all the half decent cars on the forum in one place (or just somewhere for Beany to post pictures of the yellow peril instead of spamming up other threads with it ;)).


Now stop trolling me you hat-wearing thundermut.

You just wanted a place to start posting endless pics of the 'Xige without being called the new Beany didn't you? ;)

Good idea, I've got a few I'm very proud of buy I'm sure you all know what a Puma looks like by now :lol:


Updated June 14, 2012 at 1:21 PM


It feels like that. Like a donkey. On a skateboard.



Greatest FWD ever & ECOTY 1998

You might have to delete this thread and start again, Duncs ;)

Here's mine:

I just gratuitously post pictures of my cars because I forget about them otherwise :D


Wow was I impressed



Gratuitous, but looking at pictures of it is all I can manage at the moment until the weather improves.:(

Updated June 14, 2012 at 1:12 PM

It's a bit older and the plate is now gone but...

I've still not got any decent shots of it.

Ignore the shonky beemer on the LHS

ironically I do have a reasonable "location" shot of the discobus of mrs mik.

Updated June 14, 2012 at 2:33 PM

PS - Duncs - can you please also start a "Gratuitous self-congratulating video clip of your car" thread :?:

Whenever you are ready 8)

That Z4 is lovely on those wheels!

You're not wrong (other than the fact it is a Z4M).

This is now a "gratuitous self-congratulating photo thread for other folks cars" thread. Belongs to Maurice.

That's a very nice car, I don't know why I left the M out though :?

Thanks for being pedatinc :lol:

Gratuitous self congratulatory photos.. isn't that Facebook is for ?

Yes but that only works if we're all FBBFF's.



TurboRenault Forum !

GK1985 said...

Thanks for being pedatinc

Now you're making this too easy. :(

Love the Disco pic Mik!



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