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I can finally admit that this is in production it seems:

IGN Trailer


I'll be moving on to this when I go back next week I suspect, we'll be helping them get it all sorted while the next project gets kicked off.


I did wonder when mate ;)


Bunta's Tofu

Fans have been asking for it since we started, so it was inevitable I guess :lol:

Since someone (now an ex employee) leaked a shot of a Wii U from our place security has ramped right up, so I was being cautious! :roll:

I would like to see -

Top Gear
Game of Thrones
Star Trek
Blade Runner

And thats just for starters! ;)

Best of with it mate, I adore these games and what they do - the audience you hit and the fact that they are actually good fun to play as well. I'm sure you have the usual dev BS to deal with (dont we all!) but the Lego games have been one of my most respected game series for a long time.

Could you make LegoZilla as well by any chance? ;)


Bunta's Tofu

Another snippet - E3 linky

Thank you very much

Amusing vid of a guy playing the demo at E3 :lol:


This is looking great Barry - I take it The Hobbit will feature?


Bunta's Tofu

My interest in Lego games has waned somewhat, the Harry Potter + PotC just didn't grab me.. but LOTR, now we're talking ! Looks great.

I have to admit if I do come back to the uk then I will be bugging Barry about positions at TT - I'd love to be let loose on a Lego game!


Bunta's Tofu

What sort of timescale are we looking at till release Baz?

I think its due out this Autumn some time, but can't give specific dates as I simply don't know them :? It was underway while we were finishing BatmanII.

Just curious as I didn't know how long these things take to write/make.

We tend to run shorter production schedules than "normal" dev houses imo, as we have a pretty well established engine and its mostly tweaks and adjustments for new mechanics, and then they flog us all summer to get it done on time :lol:

Under a year start to finish is normal for us I think..

Will there be any online co-op Barry?


Bunta's Tofu

I've not heard anything so I'd very much doubt it. Would require a serious undertaking to get it working I suspect.

The Wife cannot wait for this :D

Likeing the idea of this a lot.

Picked up Batman 2 this morning - for the Nipper though - honest.

We've liked them all apart from Harry Potter. Didn't gel with that one at all


People once said...

"You're right Dinny"

Looks very nice!

Updated June 22, 2012 at 1:20 PM

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