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You decide

Any chance of correcting the speeling mistake in the poll?

Not much to be honest :D



There is no mistake, Steveo created it.


The Evo forum really is a shadow of its former self. I remember when the internet was for the elite and now they seem to let any spastic on.

IaFG Supercharged Muppet Division

Fair enough! :lol:

I'd like to see our forums resident driving legend, Beany take both of these round Laguna Seca after providing us with his conclusive opinion of which is better.

I can tell you already that Neddys car is far better for pure track/fast road use, but the suspension - while surprisingly compliant at speed - is quite harsh at town speeds.

The power delivery is better than the standard car, with it delivering a good seam of power up to the redline, allowing you to stretch out the gears and drop it right back into the meaty powerband.

Barrys car is a much better day in day out prospect, what with it having more supple suspension than Neddys trackday weapon, sound deadening, better padded seats, stereo et al.

horses for courses guys - if you want a pure, focussed weekend toy, and yo have an everyday car already, you want neddys car.

If you want something you could realistically use to pop to the shops with [and not be tempted ot try to beat the Ring Road Lap Record every time] then Barrys car is the way forward.

There is no 'comparison' as both are too far removed from each other in concept to sit happily side by side.

I have spoken - this is correct.

now, if we are talking Hyundia Coupes....;)

Mine is nigh on bog standard anyway, so its not like its worth comparing *mine* to Neddys in the first place.

I prefer the compromised solution mine offers as I can't afford to run a big BMW aswell, although I think mine does well ontrack considering its limitations....

One is black, oversteers and actually works.

The other doesn't.

Game over!

Barry_ said...

I can't afford to run a big BMW aswell

Not with the Rex as well. :wink:


Even my earwax is radioactive.

They're both FWD. Arguing over them is like participating in the special Olympics :wink:


evo forums resident Porsche fanboy

Which pillocks voted for old misery guts car (Matt excepted of course as hes bigger than me )



I can't believe the way the vote has turned out - this is my last ever post on the forum.

Fuck off.

lmao :lol:

nebpor said...

I can't believe the way the vote has turned out - this is my last ever post on the forum.

[LIFTED] off.

Just call me The Equalizer


evo forums resident Porsche fanboy

tis an interesting quandry actually, Neb has ploughed lots of money into improving most aspects of the ITR design over the years, but it keeps breaking down, whereas mine has near as damnit no mods but gets used almost daily, racking up 30k miles in my hands.... Evo the Thrill of Driving, or is it? :?

Neb's a freakin nutter though. His intention has always been to recreate an ITR that felt as close to Senna's Honda F1 car as possible..... All he's lacking is the requisite team of race mechanics to fettle it every weekend. :D

Would an NSX not be closer to his F1 car, seeing he started the set-up himself?



I'm sorry but both their Integras fade into insignificance when compared to this beast.


How is Chris Speedingfine's old car progressing now?


Wales Meet

Dan Webster "Your car actually sounded quite good from up there"

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