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ilmostro said...

At one point Hollywood were supposed to be doing a remake.
In away, I'm glad they didn't, 'cause they'd most likely fvck it up.

If you ever get the chance, watch the fairly low budget Spanish film 'Los CronoCrimenes' (Time Crimes)


A remake of what?

Time Crimes is really good and obviously needs to be watched in a double bill with Primer.




Aye Time Crimes and Primer are both great. There are very few films that do time travel right.


I often drive for a road travel

Schumer and Hawn annoying the tits off everyone.


"It's like he's immortal but sh1t" - @NotoriousRev
"You look like a Jelly Baby from down the back of the sofa"

Si_ said...

Schumer and Hawn annoying the tits off everyone.

Sadly, I witnessed a few minutes of this horror show. Utter tripe!!

T2 Trainspotting - Meh! It was OK and that's it. I expected a little better.

5 pint pots in the face out of 10.


SD said..... looked like a dog with worms, dragging its arse across the lawn.

King Arthur: Legend of the Theme Tune

So our Arthur's keeping his mince pies peeled for his old mucka Tel so they can write da feem toon, sing da feem toon when some wrongun's give him a sorry and sad day and forces him to duck and dive.

After a bit of a jane fonder he tools himself up with a well tasty bit of kit and only bloody well becomes a jedi and gives everyone deservin a right good slap!!!

An enjoyable film if your a fan of Guy's previous mockney classics with a faint hint of arthurian legend (excalibur it is not)

7 cockney jedi's out of 10


Existence is pain ...



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