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RobYob said...

David_Yu said...

It wasn't great, but infinitely better than the profoundly depressing Alien 3. Worst most soul destroying film ever with the initial crash deaths.

Got to be one of the stupidest movie franchise decisions ever, I do my best to forget it. Doubly stupid that an Alien3 script by William Gibson was rejected by the studio. Triply stupid that they didn't just adapt the pretty good continuing Newt & Hicks story from the comic book series.

Ellen "Lucky Star" Ripley and Dwayne "Handy for close encounters" Hicks performing the Powerloader Doble.

I like Alien 3, Yeah it's bleak and a total downer after Aliens but David Fincher was on great form at that time and as a movie in it's own right it's pretty good imo.

ETA I thought that it was made later than it was, I didn't realise it was Fincher's first feature.

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I often drive for a road travel

Ghostbusters 2016
(I hate that I have to make that distinction now)

Weird editing (to the extent it stands out - and I watched the extended edition for goodness sake), tonally all over the shop, far too much badly written cringe humour with overly long verbal gags that go nowhere and add absolutely nothing. Some odd CGI choices (the ghosts are fine, the CGI on people is not), some painful cameos, and a bizarre amount of musical/dance numbers, only one of which is remotely enjoyable to watch or adds anything to the film.

Mixed in with a cast who clearly had fun making it (particularly Hemsworth, who I have never seen ham it up, and he's great at it when he gets into the swing of things later in the film), a fairly enjoyable rehash of the first films plot and some genuinely decent humour when it's allowed to happen.

Basically, this is Feig getting high on himself. Clearly, someone should have told him in several places 'this isn't remotely funny' or 'this stops the film dead and sucks the life out of it for a full three minutes' but no-one did.

Five people dragging Feig away from the directors chair out of Ten. The main cast can do it, they're clearly up for the job, just not with Feig at the helm again, thanks.

Watched a film on Sky Cinema today called 13 Hours: The secret soldiers of Benghazi. About when the US left the diplomatic compound to fall in Libya. Trump brings it up in his exchanges with Hilary as she was Foreign Secretary at the time.

A very good film.

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As Pablo would say "Mudda Fvcker"

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