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Dinny_G said...

And how cool did Skellig Michael look at the end

Luke very much looked like a monk/hermit :lol:

I'm ashamed to say despite spending large amounts of time in my life in that part of the world, I've never been on it...


and from the beginning think what may be the end.

Got an offer for cheap now TV movie sub so I've been catching up on films I've missed.


I was expecting it to be a bit shite after all the production trouble but it was fun. Not the best Marvel movie but by no means the worst. It had an interesting spin on Hank Pym's story for the comic fans and Paul Rudd is always watchable.


The Martian

Also really enjoyable. I've read the book before and thought that Matt Damon would be good and he was. It's rare to see a hard sci fi movie with such a warm tone. If I was to look for a flaw it's that it's a bit light on the actual science compared to the book but that's ok.


Fast and Furious 7

Absolutely ludricous, it's not really worth pointing out the logical flaws in a movie where they parachute a Dodge Charger trophy truck out of a plane :lol:. I've always been a fan of the F&F movies and I liked this but I think they may be tipping over too far into the silliness with the stunts and famous faces. It felt a bit like an Expendables movie which isn't really a good thing imo.


American Sniper

Pretty disappointed with this. I've always enjoyed Clint Eastwood movies but this felt like a poor effort from him. It didn't have his usual style. I don't generally like modern war movies (as in ones set in post 9/11 Middle East) so it may be my problem, I think Hurt Locker is the only one I've really enjoyed. It wasn't a terrible movie but considering that Eastwood has made 4 of my all time favourite movies it was disappointing.



I often drive for a road travel

Sicario - Saw this on netflix and thought we'd give it a go, it showed the potential to be a 8 or 9 out of 10 movie with the way it built up the suspense and mystery about what was going to happen and how everyone was aligned. Didn't quite hit the highs that it promised in the end but still an enjoyable watch. 7 out of 10.


Now stop trolling me you hat-wearing thundermut.

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