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Is the boot floor attached to the rest of the car? ;)

Simon, while I've got your attention can you remember who refurbed the alloys on the coupe?

Thanks Bri - I've not idea but will have a look!

John said...

Is the boot floor attached to the rest of the car? ;)

Simon, while I've got your attention can you remember who refurbed the alloys on the coupe?

Sorry - just seen this cheeky monkey.

Laptab in brum did the wheels

edit to add link

Updated February 13, 2013 at 11:43 PM

SimonB said...

These are good comments so can alter the advert accordingly.

I've never advertised on PH - it wont let me log in with my username - is that normal? Will I have to pay - been a member since 2002.

If you can manage to log in then you should get free ads - anyone who has been a member of PH that long does.


Wow was I impressed

545i update - my tuner authorised the Dension perfectly easily yesterday. Coincidentally it threw up a check engine light when he started it (hadn't done for me) so he stuck a new coil and plug in it too.

And my new angel eye bulb arrived from eBay so I replaced that in the dark last night. I was so pleased with the fact that I'd managed to do it that I forgot to check that the rest of the light cluster was working before bolting it back in; needless to say, I'd managed to dislodge the wire for the main headlight bulb which now wasn't working, so I had to take the whole bloody light out again to reconnect it :evil: I can now get an E60 headlight unit out and back in, in the dark, in under 5 minutes :lol:


Wow was I impressed

The compaq is staying, the atomix is going in the bin.

Ok, it's slower but I have other quicker cars anyway.its far less draughty, has proper modern car heating and ventilation, and a much nicer driving position. Quite refreshing being able to bounce over speedbumps and crash though potholes without a worry on its big balloon sidewall tyres.

I expect winter is pretty much over for this year, but decent branded winter tyres in the correct size can be had for £40 a corner so will almost certainly get a set for next year.

The only thing I might do is fit a sports interior as you sit a bit deeper and they have more adjustments than the basic ones. Seen a few decent half leather compact interiors for £100, so hardly going to break the bank!




Too many old sheds.

Draughty? Is the panel fit that bad on Rovers?


Wow was I impressed

So the forum's two miracle Rovers didn't last long then. :lol:

Jobbo said...

Draughty? Is the panel fit that bad on Rovers?

I've no idea what it was. The heater was terrible and even when it did start to blow luke warm air you'd still feel a cold breeze blowing around. Plus a tyre kept losing air, and the rear callipers were sticking.

It was only ever going to be a temporary car anyway. I wanted the cylinder head and gearbox, and the rest was just to provide a winter runabout, which it did, and got me through snow the m3 wouldn't have moved in.

Then had the chance to buy my old car which I knew and liked back at a price too good to ignor and the decision was made.




Too many old sheds.

Prior to selling my car and taking some pics I thought I'd get the parking dings removed.

OMG this guy was a miracle worker.

Dent one

Dent one another angle

Dent two

Both vanished.

Best 70 quid I've spent.

Fugly could keep up with a C55 AMG driven like he stole it :lol:

Clearly not a local driver :)

Dentrix Simon? Was vimpressed when I got mine done.

Recommended through a friend who works at vw.

Dent Medics is his company - he is properly talented and very honest. He comes to you and its 35 a panel. Sheffield / chesterfield areas - if anyone wants his num let me know.

Probably the same method as most folk but as it's all down to the person I would guess some are better than others.

Might have to have a look at that for the dent in my drivers door (supermarket ding) as it's not broken the paint or owt.

Anyway, update:
Car is getting two new rear shocks and top mounts, rear brake clean up/rebuild/handbrake adjust, and some new front indicators.

Will probably whup the car back for a weekend to do a couple of little tasks (tip run, check up on a mate who's been a bit flaky lately) then get it back to my Tuna for the wing replacement and discuss the rear arches.

Then towards spring, two new front shocks and top mounts, and a set of Eibach ProKit lowering springs, which general consensus suggests it doesn't affect the day to day ride too much, but really tightens up high speed handling.

Pretty cheap too - £150 for the springs, £40-50 a corner for shocks, and whatever my mate feels is fitting for fitting.

Fine by me :)

Beany, I look forward to reading about this update in 9 other threads too...! ;)




I keep losing track of them :oops:

You forgot to update your twitter feed as well, Beany ;)

996 failed its MOT :o Front sidelights flickering and os headlight aim too low.

Sidelights were cheapie LEDs - not fitted by me - and were dying. New standard bulbs and all good.

Headlight was a surprise as nothing's changed since the last MOT but checking it back at home it was clearly miles too low and to the left. I'd been wondering why I couldn't see much at night and just assumed Porsche headlights were rubbish.

All done and new cert issued. Test was only £35 too :)

Bri957cc said...

SimonB said...

The tow bar - if only I had the key to take it off.

What brand is the towbar Broccers? I know Bosal will send out a replacement for next to nowt, if you supply the code number of the bar.

Looked into this after your post bri. Its a witter and a replacement key is about 30 quid apparently. Or you can unbolt the whole thing - thats 20 for lazy people like me.


I'm torn about removing the one fitted to the Vectra.

Part of me likes the fact if someone bowls into the rear end - their car will be impaled on the towbar, rather than just smashing the bumper.

The other aspect I have to consider is that towbars look like utter *rubbish* .

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