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I j'approuve. 8)


FAO Rev. Nice sig. 8)(c)JL 2015

Subaru Outback:

Had the windscreen replaced this week as a chip had developed into a crack and the permitter trim was coming adrift. Good jub it didn't come adrift any more as it was the only thing that was holding the screen in :shock:
Whoever had replaced it previously that not prepared the screen properly and tried to compensate with too much sealant which hadn't adhered to glass. How it didn't leak we don't know.
Much less wind noise now too...


"you don't look like a fussy eater"

Silver with black wheels is a great colour combo for the Elise. Enjoy Ste 8)

JL said...

Not trying to blow smoke up his ass - but Ste can pedal :D

It's obvious even at that pace that he knows what he's doing. 8)

Car sounds great, I hate watching these cars as it just makes me want one again.

ste said...

mik said...

8) So what sort of bhp/tonne is it pushing out then?

>350bhp/tonne. I need to get it weighed properly to get a more accurate figure.

It made 249.6 BHP and the car should be circa 700kg, based on what it weighed before, the bits that have been changed and comparisons to similar Elises. I've pulled about 40kg out of it, but then added the Honda. The driver is currently a bit porky due to a summer of not working, drinking too much and not running or cycling enough though.

PWR puts it better than eg a 991 GT3. The reality is I imagine one would walk off down a straight though. Will be fun finding out when I get it on track more next year...

I've driven Dan's and the top end was mental, can't imagine what this one's like :D

Nice one Ste... is this one a keeper though, or is there no such word in your vocabulary!



A rev counter not reading high enough and a speedo which needs another 90 degree of sweep is a good problem to have.

Looks fantastic.



I came here to drink milk and kick ass..... and i've just finished my milk!!!!

Had to dig my winter wheels out. Unsurprisingly they were at the bottom of the pile. Thankfully it was the front pile :lol:

Got a bit of a tyre removal / refitting session tomorrow, if that goes ok I've got to change the suspension at all four corners and put the standard front brakes back on, then the wheels can go on :roll:

Raised it 30mm or so a couple of weeks back before the mot. Still looks ok at that height, might look like an off-roader with the standard stuff on.

Not been washed since then either :lol:




Too many old sheds.

Talking of tyres, where are people buying from at the moment? I'm after 245/35/18 Conti 5Ps, cheapest seems to be BlackCircles?







Too many old sheds.

Event Tyres and Tyresonthedrive are the two I've found to be cheapest. That's fitted, because unlike most people I don't find I can get a tyre place to fit tyres I've brought with me for even as little as £10 a corner.


Without contract and subject to prejudice

Jobbo said...

Event Tyres and Tyresonthedrive are the two I've found to be cheapest. That's fitted, because unlike most people I don't find I can get a tyre place to fit tyres I've brought with me for even as little as £10 a corner.

I've noticed this recently, used to be able to get a full set fitted for £20, now it's £30 for a pair. The rubbish places are charging £10 a tyre but the balancing is never spot on.

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p.s. If the admins think this constitutes as spam or it is in the wrong section please feel free to remove or delete this thread.

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