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Just go in dry...:twisted:




Third from the left Ian.

Had a closer look at the throttle cable with the parental unit dabbing the pedal - er, yeah, that's pretty bad and frayed nastily.

New cable ordered, should have it fitted tomorrow with any luck.

500 miles review in the M235i.

The last 290 miles averaged 31.6 mpg (30.1 according to the trip computer), which covered a mixture of motorway (some in EcoPro mode) and town driving. Not bad, considering the Scirocco did about the same.

The half analogue, half digital dash is quite cool, especially at night. However, there's no engine temperature gauge or dip stick to check oil level, and iDrive only gives a binary output. Still can't figure out how to save radio stations to the quick access buttons on the centre console. Also, anyone know how or if it's possible to mute the radio using the buttons on the steering wheel? The music and phonebook interface are excellent, syncing contacts and music collection from my Nexus 5 is as simple as switching on Bluetooth on the phone.

In terms of driving, it's effortlessly fast. The cabin is so well insulated from external noises, no wonder they had to pump fake engine sounds through the speakers, but at least BMW did it right. On the topic of sound, I love the noise the exhausts make at start up and the looks people make since they don't expect it to sound that good, or bad :lol:. Don't think I'll bother with the M Performance exhaust. Most importantly, it feels rear driven, and of course it under-steers a lot less when compared to all my previous FWD cars.

Jury's out with getting the LSD. It was p1ssing it down last week (yeah, welcome to Scotland in the summer) and I had no problems with traction driving through big puddles. There's loads of grip in those MSS. The ride in Comfort is good and doesn't lose the plot in Sport and Sport+. The driving position is spot on (mainly because there's loads of adjustments available), the gear change is lovely, the clutch is so easy to use that it's really difficult to stall.

Can't say much on XPEL protection film, as I've been extra careful keeping a bigger distance from the car in front and not tailgate :lol:, but it seems to be doing it's job. Gtechniq coatings are awesome, making my weekly washes quick and easy. No scouring pads required for bird poo ;).

So yeah, really enjoy driving the M235i. Didn't think I expected it to be this good. Can't wait for a mini road trip around some of the best roads in Scotland.

Updated June 29, 2015 at 10:26 PM


Back to three pedals and a stick

Alex_ said...

Still can't figure out how to save radio stations to the quick access buttons on the centre console. Also, anyone know how or if it's possible to mute the radio using the buttons on the steering wheel?

The 1-8 buttons will store as a short cut anything within the idrive menu that you can highlight. Just scroll the idrive onto which ever thing you want to save and then hold down the button you want to save it to until it beeps.

Out of interest I have mine set to Planet Rock, 5Live, Ipod, Bluetooth audio, cd, trip computer, something I forgot & destination input

McSwede said...

destination input

I hadn't realised that was an option - I have one spare so will try it (though to be honest '1' being R1 is totally pointless so I've got two spare really).

You can turn on the stereo by pressing the 'Mode' button on my steering wheel, but I don't know if it's possible to turn it off. Perhaps holding the down volume button?

The i3's range extender was such an afterthought they didn't put a button on the dash to allow you to turn it on, so the first thing they now do at the dealer on all of them is save it to button 8 otherwise you need to go into 5 sub menus to find it...


How about not having a sig at all?

The new dash for the MX-5 arrived today, I decided to go with a S1 Elise Stack dash as all the others options I looked at either looked like ar5e, were eye wateringly expensive, or both. The nice thing about the S1 Stack is that it pre-dates CANBUS and all its sensors are descrete rather than coming from ECU outputs like the later Elise and VX220 ones. It looks like I might be lucky with the speed sensor too, the Elise uses a 46 tooth wheel and reads from the back wheel, but using a 44 tooth Mazda ABS toothed wheel and a smaller 205/50-15 tyre looks to give the same number of pulses per mile that the speedo expects which is nice if it works out that way. The only poo in the swimming pool might be the fuel level gauge which works in an odd way apparently but we'll see how we get on with that. I think I'll need a fuel gauge in this car...

I've also found someone selling the connector on the back (so no hacking needed on the plug) and a water temp sensor is inbound from Elise Parts. I may buy a second one to use for oil temp and have a momentary button to switch between them.


Spazda MX-5/Honda CRF450R/VFR400/WRX Wagon

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