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Golf goes back to the bodyshop today for them to fix the god awful colour match and chipped paint they delivered it back with.


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Clio 182: owned for nearly 18months now, and only done 4k miles, recently hit 120k, continues to just work and be ace in every respect apart from being *slightly* too small for me.
It's a weekend toy/backup car for us, and only gets used once every couple of weeks. I've contemplated adjusting the seats brackets in some way to lower them so I sit in, rather than on it.

Suspect I'll never get round to it and will just use it till I have to admit defeat now there's 3 of us and sell it on.

I keep threatening to get rid, but just don't seem to find/have time to actually sell it. :P

XC90 - needs a service and a few jobs doing, contemplating running it into the ground or getting rid and upgrading to x5/Q7.


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After 2 weeks away came back to find the battery flat as a pancake, which was annoying and perplexing in equal measure.

Then I realised I'd left the OBD-II bluetooth dongle attached, which I guess draws enough current to knacker it after two weeks.

I don't have a CANBUS optimate yet, so have had to physically remove the battery and put it on my charger. Oh the horror.

Skoda Octavia vRS 2.0 TDi Estate DSG

Almost 22k miles now. Just did 1500 miles through France and back. Probably the best all round car I've owned, doing everything I ask and want of it well enough to never have to think about it. Have no desire to replace it anytime soon.



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Is the battery easy to get to on the R1200, Tim? Mine's fitted in a little cubby hole in front of the fuel filler, which under normal circumstances would be easy to get to, but my tank bra needs removing to get to it, which involves taking half the fairing apart :roll:



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Yes, pretty simple. Remove plastic cylinder head cowling, unclip strap, pull side of battery compartment up and off, slide battery out. 2 min job.



Skoda Octavia vRS. Ducati 748 Biposto. BMW R1200RT SE

Buy this post for only £9,000 + a lightly used pebble!

I was delighted with how easy to access the K1200R battery was, having been used to having to remove the petrol tank on the R1100S :x

Being devoid of a bra, no issues :D

Cheers, Rich


_ said...

Plus I'm the biggest cvnt out there, so that helps.

IanF said...

GG said...

Small but satisfying job - swapping out the old scratched and peeling drivers side door pull for a better condition one:

Have you fixed the bumper yet?

Annoyingly, not yet. I'm still pursuing it with Veolia's broker/underwriters(Veolia are subcontracted the waste and recycling work on behalf of Lambeth Council).

I thought we'd reached a resolution as one of the guys at the broker confirmed that he was happy that the evidence, albeit circumstantial, was sufficient (civil burden of proof - i.e. >50% likely to have been them) for him to recommend they settle the claim... only for someone else to come back and say they wanted to deny liability.

I may just get it in to be done soon as I can recover back from them the cost of the repair after its complete if they do decide to settle the claim.


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Finally got the front bumper and parking sensor fixed where some TAUC had hit the car and driven off when it had been owned by Mrs mik for 36hrs. Cost us a grand. If you could see my face just now you'd see that didn't please me.... great to be able to park it again with confidence (the broken sensor was triggering constantly - most annoying)

Washed it yesterday and managed to get a coat of wax on it in the evening.

It's averaging 30.5mpg on the same commute that the Disco4 (With the same engine in 255PS as opposed to 300PS form) managed 24mpg. Weight matterz.

Annoying (very) sporadic fault where it gets confused and starts bringing the rev limiter in at 5krpm instead of 7.2krpm. Happened twice when out with Marv/Duncs/YK etc but not since. Not amusing if you are overtaking. Clears with a quick engine restart. Will get specialist to look at it whenever it is next in for work. Suspect It is a dodgy sensor and this is the cold limiter (?).
Still want to get geo done. Not cos there is anything wrong- just cos I want to.
Still absolutely love it.

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