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Swervin_Mervin said...

Electrical gremlins on the way home in the 3. Driving along and sworn I'd turned the blowers off, but they were still going. Mustn't have pressed the button properly, thought I.

Pressed it again. Couple of minutes later it switched itself on. Repeat multiple times on the journey home.

WTF? :?

Fingers crossed it was just one of the temp dials stuck between "clicks" and fooling the mechanism to switching on every time I went over a bump.

125i dropped back at BMW - head tech took a look at a vid from this AM of it smoking and reckons it looks worse than before. I wouldn't disagree.

Updated June 20, 2017 at 5:14 PM

The Mini GP has been covering quite a few miles the past few months, mainly for work but also social. One social call was to meet up with my GF at her brother's near Oxford. He has his own garage and had bought in some front pads and discs to replace the fronts on my car.

Unfortunately, despite ECP's assurance that the discs were the correct size, it turns out they are just the JCW size (315mm) and not the larger 330mm discs for the GP. :x

Whilst changing the pads, we noticed some fluid leaking from the front dampers and some corrosion on the damper ram (the shiny bit :oops: ). These are Bilstein dampers that come factory fitted, and they are notorious for having issues. I'm currently in the process of getting them changed.

Even though I have a good few years with it, thoughts are turning to what I would replace it with. The new (but rare) Challenge would be great, but the chances of one being available at the right time will be small. The other potential choice is a BMW M140i. I've always liked these and the M135i, and would've been tempted to get one on lease had the deals been as good as they were when they were released. Any ideas of getting an M240i are out of the window due to the imminent arrival of a Springer puppy!

The Monaro has just been serviced at AAS in Newcastle. It's on 117k and still feels fit. The only that is coming up is to check and potentially replace the valve springs. Based on miles covered, I think these will wait til next year.

Updated June 21, 2017 at 2:00 PM

My dad has just repalced his A6 Ultra with a new BMW 530d. Not a lot to comment on as I've only been for a quick spin in it, but it's a very nice place to be, has loads of tech as standard and the engine/box are a peach. 8)


Updated June 24, 2017 at 11:26 PM

mik said...

Jobbo said...

mik said...

THIS is the £4 rubber cup insert I sent away for btw. As several folks seem to have this jack - I will let you know if it fits.....

Cheers - I have had an ice hockey puck in my Amazon shopping basket for ages but have been using a cut up old tennis ball to date :lol:

So it kinda fits, but is held off by the section that holds the cup onto the pin. (Don't let flewy see the finish on that weld :oops: )

No problem - 26mm bore thingy to teh rescue

Realise you really need a 28mm or even 30mm bore thingy. 4rse. :evil:

I've started so i will finish. Use a hobby knife to hack a chamfer on the edge I have just cut to take it out a bit. Fits like a cork in a b1tches ass.... (c)Bjork. 8)

OOO, finest chinesium welding:lol::lol: It looks horrid, but it'll probably do the job:D

Much improved I think.

Oil change and brake fluid change too. Stops better now.

Updated June 22, 2017 at 3:48 PM

Merc all back together and oil pressure issues are all gone 8)

Now it still needs a lower wiring harness but am waiting for a timeframe still, it won't be back in regular use till that is fitted. I did some gaffer tape repairs so I could test the engine out.

Huge relief!



I came here to drink milk and kick ass..... and i've just finished my milk!!!!

996 update

Not much going on over the winter; had the 996 sorn'd for three months and then had to fit a new battery (Bosch S4).

Then at the end of May took the car to Europe for a few weeks; here're a few gratuitous pictures:

At a mini Shell in Denmark

Heddal Stave Church near Notodden, Norway


The King and Prince of Norway leaving the Palace :D

Porsche OPC Oslo for a service :twisted:

Left Oslo to Trollhattan, Sweden and stopped by the Saab Museum. The collection is fairly small but Trollhattan made a nice lunch stop.

Gothenburg for three days including a visit to the Volvo Museum, which has a fantastic collection.

Lund, Sweden

Stopped at Malmo before crossing the Oresund bridge

A few days at Copenhagen and day trip to Hillerod and Helsingor

Hamburg for a few days; another service at OPC :P

Visited Kinderdijk, Holland before heading home.

The car performed exceptionally (2458 miles in 21 days); the only issues were the fuel cap emergency release cable came loose and 'ticking noise' after high speed runs in Germany (more below).

A new set of Yokohama AD08R was fitted last Friday and currently the 996 is at Flewy's for its annual service, MOT, new exhausts (Dansk), brake lines (HEL), pads (Pagid RS5) and other bits and bobs.

About the 'ticking noise', Flewy traced it to 'loose split-rim bolts'. These GT3 wheels were refurbished in 2013 by previous owner; the car was used very sparingly since then until my ownership. It would seem the refurb was not done to the highest standard as some of the bolts were loose, some threads damaged with a few bolts 'super-glued' back on the the split-rims. Shocking.

Flewy will be doing his magic so I should have the car ready for Scotland in July.

DC2 update
It's dead.

Ok, not dead, but it wouldn't started after coming back from holiday. It's also out of MOT and tax and is currently SORN'd. I bought a portable jump-starter and my neighbour has lent me a battery charger so hopefully that'll do the trick.

Updated June 23, 2017 at 3:09 PM


Greatest FWD ever & ECOTY 1998

Coaster said...

996 update...

Epic! 8)



Been a while since I updated this thread.

2013 Tiguan - still fine. Completely dull, but very capable, family motoring.

The project

Last September a friend got in touch about an old Golf.

His stepfather had passed away six months previously, and his mother was looking to sell his old car.

The garage that always maintained it had offered £500, someone had left a note on the windscreen offering £650, and he wanted to know if these were fair offers.

At this point I didn't know what sort of Golf he was talking about, and then details began to trickle through.

• Black

At this point I arranged to go and see it, simply to help decide what it was worth.

On arrival, I was greeted by a very dirty Mk2 that had been parked outside for a long time.

I'd found my holy grail.

3 Door

However, I've got a young family, and we really didn't need another car.

What followed was a period of intense negotiation with my wife.

I initially presented it as an opportunity to make some quick cash, buy it, clean it up and flip.

However, in the end I admitted that I wouldn't ever want to sell it... So, a lock up was rented, a price was agreed and it was mine.


Tried to start it...battery totally flat. The previous owners have full AA cover, so a yellow taxi was booked to jump start it. He turned up, was a VW nut and proceeded to check it over.

The last battery was an AA one, so he radio'd base - who confirmed was under warranty. One nice new free battery fitted.

He then checked the tyre pressures, made sure the handbrake etc wasn't sticking, got it all up to temp and I set off home.

I took the next day off to give it a proper once over.

Pre wash.

Visited the local Auto Glym emporium. £17.50 later:

It's safely SORN'd and tucked away in the garage now while I gradually deal with the bits that need sorting.

I thought at first it was going to be your own old Golf - but that was a 5dr and dark grey, IIRC.

Nice find. Did you get it for £650 or thereabouts?


Wow was I impressed

Yes, was a more door. In the same colour (LA9V).

I paid around that amount, which seemed right.

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