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Trong tro choi xo so quoc gia My Powerball luon co su khac biet doi voi nhieu tro choi khac boi tro choi nay co them mot diem nhan khac biet do la nut Power Play. Doi voi nhung giai thuong nho hon Jackpot, neu nguoi choi chien thang thi ve so co Power Play se nhan duoc giai thuong tri gia gap nhieu lan so voi giai thuong quy dinh gianh duoc.

Khong it nguoi da lua chon Power Play khi choi xo so Powerball va ho cam thay that dung dan khi lua chon dieu nay, nhat la khi thay so tien ma ho nhan duoc gap nhieu lan so voi nhung gi ma ho mong muon.

Michael Brewer song tai thanh pho Eden Prairie, thuoc Quan Hennepin, tieu bang Minnesota, Hoa Ky, chinh la nguoi may man chi voi 1 do la, ong da tao ra gia tri khac biet toi 150.000 do la trong chien thang cua minh.

Duoc biet, Michael da mua mot vai ve so Soi cau 888 may man tai Dred Scott Automotive, toa lac tai 10800 Rhode Island Ave. S. tai Bloomington cho ket qua mo thuong xo so Powerball vao ngay 23 thang 8 nam 2017 vua qua.

Mot trong so nhung tam ve ma Michael Brewer mua khop voi bon trong so nam qua bong trang dau tien cong voi Powerball trong ket qua Powerball ngay 23 thang 8. Thong thuong thi giai thuong cua chien thang nay la 50.000 do la.

Ong Michael Brewer sung suong khi chon Power Play trung 200.000 USD

Tuy nhien, Michael da them 1 do la tuy chon he so Power Play vao ve vao thoi diem mua, giai thuong 50.000 do la duoc nhan voi so Power Play trong lan quay so nay la 4, nhu vay ve so gianh duoc giai thuong tri gia 200.000 do la.

Michael ke lai: "Toi da vao trang web cua Minnesota Lottery vao khoang 10:45 dem qua, toi da can than va ti mi dua nhung con so vao muc 'kiem tra so cua toi'". Sau khi nhap so tu ve cua minh, Michael phat hien ra rang anh ta da gianh duoc 200.000 do la.

Ngay lap tuc, ong chia se tin tuc voi vo minh, ong noi: "Toi da di va danh thuc vo toi, co ay khong tin, vi vay toi da dua co ay xem ket qua truc tuyen va cho co ay xem cac con so". Brewer chia se anh thuong them tuy chon Power Play vao ve cua anh va rat vui vi anh da them vao ve vao ngay 23 thang 8. "No tao ra su khac biet 150.000 do la" - anh noi voi mot nu cuoi.

Truy cap vao Fanpage Soi cau XSMB 24h de cung thao luan bo so cau lo chuan nhat hang ngay.

Mot nguoi chien thang khac trong dot quay so mo thuong nay voi giai nhi la Danelle VanVleet, cu dan thanh pho Isanti, quan Isanti, tieu bang Minnesota, Hoa Ky. Nguoi phu nu chia se: "Day la dieu thu vi nhat ma toi tung trai qua trong toan bo cuoc doi cua toi!"

Danelle VanVleet da gianh chien thang trong xo so Powerball voi giai thuong tri gia 50.000 USD, khi tuyen bo giai thuong, nguoi phu nu van xuc dong noi: "Toi van dang soc!"

VanVleet cho biet minh khong thuong choi Powerball, nhung da quyet dinh thu van may cua minh khi co thay rang khoan tien thuong da duoc uoc tinh la 700 trieu do la cho ket qua mo huong ngay 23 thang 8. Co da mua ve so tai cua hang Isanti Mobil, toa lac tai 721 Heritage Blvd. N.W. o Isanti.

Danelle VanVleet nguoi may man trung 50.000 USD

Sau khi co ket qua, co da den truy cap vao web cua Minnesota Lottery va phat hien ra rang co da gianh duoc 50.000 do la. "Toi da noi voi chong toi, Chung ta da chien thang 50.000 do la, toi khong the tin duoc dieu nay! Anh ay khong tin toi nen toi da noi: Hay tu minh nhin di! Toi da khoc va run ray."

Cung trong dot quay so mo thuong nay, nhung nguoi chien thang bach thu lo duoi day con dac biet hon boi ho la ba the he trong cung mot gia dinh cung nhau chien thang giai thuong lon Powerball tri gia 50.000 do la.

John Amos Justice, con trai cua ong, va chau trai cua ong den tu thanh pho Gibsonville, thuoc quan Alamance va quan Guilford, tieu bang Bac Carolina cua Hoa Ky da cung nhau mua ve so du thuong trong ket qua mo thuong vao ngay 23 thang 8.

Nguoi mua ve thang la la con trai cua Justice, John Justice Jr. Ong da mua ve Powerball tri gia 2 do la tai Huffs o West Main Street o Gibsonville. Sau khi kiem tra ket qua, John Justice Jr. da khong the tin duoc ve cua ho da gianh chien thang.

Ong hai uoc noi: "Toi da kiem tra nhung con so do nhieu lan. Toi khong muon dem ga cua toi truoc khi chung de trung." Ho danh bai mot trong so 913129 de gianh giai thuong lan nay, ve so chien thang cua ho la mot trong 16 ve gianh duoc giai thuong lon tai Bac Carolina trong lan quay so nay. Muoi lam ve khac da gianh duoc giai thuong tu 50.000 den 1 trieu USD.

John Tyler Justice da quyet dinh cung voi cha va ong noi minh chia se giai thuong va cung tuyen bo giai thuong tai Trung tam Yeu cau Greensboro. Nha tu phap dang cung gia dinh minh dang len ke hoach cho mot chuyen di den bai bien, so tien con lai ho co ke hoach gui tien tiet kiem trong ngan hang. Gio day gia dinh ho cung khong lo lang tai chinh trong tuong lai.

Updated October 27, 2017 at 2:39 PM

Nope. HTH.


The Evo forum really is a shadow of its former self. I remember when the internet was for the elite and now they seem to let any spastic on.

IaFG Supercharged Muppet Division

maxbale said...

Have you road test the new vxr? If yes any good thanks

Henry road tested the Mk1 back in July last year


Wales Meet

Dan Webster "Your car actually sounded quite good from up there"

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